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A few new arrivals

Caribena versicolor - Antilles Pink Toe - 1"+

These are beautiful, and very well . started. This is the size you want to . start with, they are outside the "fragile" . age that comes with the smaller slings.

Jumping spiders - I have both Regal and . Regal x. Odious hybrids. These are also . very well started 1/2" sub adults. Very . easy to keep at this size. These are the . big eyed, full of personality you see all . over the internet lately.

Also, don't forget to pick up your pnw arachnids gift cards for those hard to shop for friends and family.

GIANTS DUE IN NEXT WEEK. - Theraphosa blondi should be arriving next Tuesday. These are the real deal. The true Goliath Bird Eaters.




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