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Terrestrial sling cage kits

Terrestrial sling cage kits

These are perfect for small Grammostola, Lampropelma, Cyriopagopus, etc. to start thier life in.  Crystal clear, with one vent installed for proper ventalation and easy watering.  The kits come with Spider Strata bedding, a piece of cork bark, water container, and plastic plant.  All that is needed is a Tarantula.


Small:  2 5/16" sq. x 3 1/16" Tall

Medium:  3 7/16" sq. x 4 7/16" Tall

Large:  4" sq. x 5 1/16" Tall


All sizes come standard with silver/aluminum screen vent unless ordered with black or white.  Custom cages can be made with additional vents or horizontal ventalation instead.  Please email for quote on custom orders.

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