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Tons of new arrivals at pnwarachnids .Com

Adult females:

Brachypelma boehmei

Brachypelma smithi

Brachypelma auratum - gorgeous

Ephebopus murinus

Aphonpelma sp. "Queretaro"

Tliltocatl schroederi

Nhandu chromatus

Harpactira namaquensis

Cryiopagopus sp. Hati Hati

Brachypelma smithi

Brachypelma klaasi

Brachypelma boehmei

Brachypelma baumgarteni

Lots more tarantulas

Centruroides margaritatus

Pandinus viatoris

Heterometrus sp.

Phrynus mexicanus

Horrid Assasin bugs

Ornate Nile monitors

Baby Tokay geckos

Halmahera Blue Tongue skins

Plus lots of great animals on sale.

Bonus: orders placed between Oct. 29th and Nov. 12th. Buy 1 airplant get a second of the same species for free.

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