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The PACNWRS expo is here again.

With the PACNWRS expo coming up on April 22-23. It is now time again to begin talking pre orders for the show. If you want to make sure what I have on my list is going to be there when you arrive, this is the best way to go. When you are placing an order on my website, pick the "pick up" option under the shipping tab, there is no charge for this. Also make a note in the comments "pick up at expo". Then when you arrive at the expo let us know, we will have your order behind the tables. As a bonus for all pre-orders of the following amounts you will recieve the following extras:

Spend $50.00 get a free air plant

Spend $100.00 get a free air plant and 1 small arboreal enclosure.

Spend $200.00 get a free air plant, 1 small arboreal enclosure, and a free Caribena versicolor sling.



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